Pet Care Experts

Up-to-date vaccinations and regular check-ups are essential to maintaining your pet’s health.

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Emergency Veterinary Services

Proper care is most important when your pet has fallen ill. Make sure they’re in the right hands.

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Veterinary Surgery

We use our skill and technologically advanced techniques to minimize pain and recovery time.

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Exotic Pet Care

Whether they have fur or scales, your unconventional pets still deserve top-quality care.

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Serving Pets in The Colony Texas with Exceptional Care and Compassion For 15 Years

Your pets are your family, and at Animal Health Centre we treat them like it. Whether you’re coming to us for your first visit or as a longtime client, we will cater to your cat, dog, or exotic pet’s every unique need.

From your pet’s early life to his or her senior years, we will take the time necessary to examine, diagnose, treat, and most importantly, prevent diseases from ever happening to them.

With services like preventive medicine, dentistry, surgery, and more available to cats and dogs at every age and stage, Animal Health Centre is a great choice for your pet’s lifelong medical care.

Contact us at our office in The Colony, Texas, and we’ll help you schedule your pet’s next appointment.




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