We have been patients of Animal Health Centre for over 11 years. Our two Shih Tzus, ages 9 and 11, have received excellent care from Dr. Durham and his staff. These small breed dogs have had many issues and we have always felt confident in the advice and treatment we have been given here. When we moved further north, we changed veterinarian offices for a short while. The experience was absolutely sub par compared to what we were used to. So, we quickly returned to Dr. Durham and will always have him care for our animals. My favorite things about him are his compassion, his ability to really explain what is happening with our animals and the different options he presents us with for any treatment. We appreciate it all and are patients for life!

—Stephanie Brand

Dr. Durham and his staff have provided health care for my animals for 7 years now and they have taken excellent care of them. Dr. Durham is honest and transparent about the services he provides. I am thankful to have found Animal Health Centre for our veterinary needs. They are wonderful!

I trust Dr. Durham and his staff to provide the best care possible for my pets. They are knowledgeable and ensure that their patients’ needs are addressed. Dr. Durham is excellent at anticipating questions and presenting the necessary information regarding my animals’ health so that I understand. He also takes the time to explain any issues or procedures, and he makes himself available for any questions that come up. I wouldn’t consider taking my animals to any other vet!

After having moved to The Colony, I found myself in need of a new yet for my cats and dog. Luckily I came across Animal Health Centre just in time as we experienced a couple of significant illnesses that we had to work through. Dr. Durham and his staff took the time to communicate with me about the challenges my pets were facing and made themselves available for any questions (although he anticipated most of them). They are fair priced, they truly care about their patients and they have provided excellent care for my pets for 7 years now. I cannot recommend them highly enough!


Our dogs love to visit Dr. Durham whether it’s checkups and shots or overnight stays. 5 years he’s taken care of all their needs and still gives us ideas how to care for them.

—Green, Monte and Judy

Over the many years I’ve been coming to Dr. Durham with my various cats, I have had several who were facing end of life situations. Each time Dr. Durham presented all the viable options, walked me through the pros and cons including costs for each option. He always covered each option with care, concern and consideration. His integrity and ethics are evident in his approach to every situation, be it a usual check-up or a major pet health crisis. The philosophy for the Centre is truly one of compassionate care. I would recommend Dr. Durham and his staff to anyone who is looking for a responsible, caring, considerate vet.

—Linda Hammett

Dr. Durham, and staff Diane and Dorothy, are absolutely awesome. They are very patient and very caring with the animals. They are very detailed and have a good work ethic. I have been coming to Animal Health Centre for years with my 4 cats and would highly recommend them to anyone. They are also very reasonable in the cost of visits and procedures.

—Debra Lefevre

First, we want to thank you all for taking amazing care of our fuzzy family throughout the years. We could not have found a better group of caring individuals.

The compassion that Dr. Durham has for each animal is extraordinary. We know he has lots of patients and yet he treats each animal as if it is the only one. He also understands the needs of his clients when it comes to finances and emotions. He always thoroughly explains what is going on with your pet no matter how long it takes or how many questions you have. He gives me and my husband the honest information needed to make major decisions when it comes to the health and treatment of our pets without judgement or guilt. We cannot ever imagine placing the care of our pets into another’s hands.

Dr. Durham truly feels that pets are “more than just animals, they are family” and I would recommend that anyone place the care of their pet with Dr. Durham and his wonderful staff.

—Sara and Henry Martinez

Thank you for blessing us with caring for our loyal lab, Cooper, for the past 13 years. Your genuine care, patience and explanation of information, has always been appreciated as we work together in making the best decisions for his care. We truly appreciate all you have done in caring for Cooper as a puppy, through removal and survival of a cancerous cyst and now into his senior years. It has been a privilege and honor to have you and your staff be such an integral part of caring for Cooper.