veterinary cat x-ray

Understanding the health status of your pet as best as possible is the key to their health. Our diagnostics lab and equipment are there to do just that.

It is not always simple nor effective to diagnose or treat your pet based on outside observation alone. In-house, we have the equipment and the knowledge for a variety of tests, including:

Blood work

Blood work is one of the most informative tools available in diagnostics, and it can tell us volumes about your pet’s health. It could tell something as simple as whether your pet needs a change in diet, or it can show something as serious as a life-threatening condition.


Cytology involves evaluating a sample under the microscope. This can be a swab from the ears to see what type of infection is present, or evaluating a few cells from a bump to see if we need to be concerned about more worrisome issues


Radiographs (X-rays) give us a chance to look inside the body at the size and shape of internal structures. This can be evaluation of soft-tissue organs such as the heart, liver, or kidneys, or evaluating bone to look for injury or arthritis.

To keep your pet comfortable and its stress low, we take care to only test as much as necessary, and to keep tests as noninvasive as possible.

Routine exams can tell us what exactly what your pet should be tested for and when, and prevention is always preferable to treatment, so bring your pet in for an examination today!