We have the technology, the knowledge, and the passion to provide your pet with a variety of services. Here is an overview of what we provide the dogs, cats, and exotic pets of The Colony:

Pet Wellness & Prevention

The best way to fight disease is to prevent it. Regular, thorough exams and vaccinations are the most effective way to do this. Schedule one today!

Canine & Feline Dentistry

Your pet’s mouth is linked to many aspects of their health. We offer basics, such as polishing and scaling, all the way up to extractions and other major oral surgery.

Veterinary Surgery

Our veterinarian surgeon’s skill, in combination with our advanced technology, make our surgical procedures effective and your pet’s recovery fast. Our CO2 laser is capable of a wide variety of surgeries, both major and minor.

Internal Medicine

We want to do everything we can to keep your pet as healthy as possible. However, when your pet does fall ill—whether it’s an upset stomach or something far more serious—getting them the best care possible is crucial. At Animal Health Centre, we are adept at simple treatments that need only a few injections as well as bigger issues that require full hospitalization. We want to get your family member back to full health and home to you as quickly as possible.

In-house Diagnostics & Equipment

Our full suite of available diagnostics equipment and tests will detect many problems long before they present on the surface and tell volumes of information about your pet’s health, providing results as fast as 30 minutes later. When more in-depth testing is necessary, we can send samples to the lab and have results often within 12 to 24 hours.

Pet Boarding

We’ll be happy to provide your pet with comfortable and attentive care when you need to go out of town.