veterinary surgical instruments

Surgery can be a stressful, but necessary experience for you and your pet. At Animal Health Centre, we take it very seriously.

Chris Durham, DVM has a passion for surgery, and strives for perfection in all procedures large and small, resulting in the greatest quality of care.

A laser is used in most procedures in which an incision is required. It serves as a far more sophisticated alternative to the scalpel, and has several advantages over it, including:

  • Less pain—The laser seals off nerve endings as it cuts, resulting in a more comfortable experience for your pet.
  • Less bleeding—Cauterization occurs from the laser’s heat, making it much easier to control bleeding.
  • Reduced risk of infection—Laser surgery kills a significant amount of bacteria at the surgery site, resulting in a reduced risk of infection as well as reduced swelling during recovery.
  • Faster recovery—Reduced swelling and risk of infection make for a speedier, more comfortable recovery for your pet.

The versatility of the laser allows for its usage in nearly every procedure that requires an incision, and its many benefits result in an overall less traumatizing surgery for your pet.

For those concerned about cost, we price the use of the laser very low so it can be used in all procedures where it is appropriate. We also willingly use the traditional scalpel if that is your preference.

If hospitalization is necessary, rest assured that all your pet’s needs will be tended to during their stay. Our thorough and attentive staff will make them as comfortable as possible during their stay with us, and make sure they receive all of the necessary treatments. We will also set aside the time to ensure you know exactly how to care for your pet when they return home.